St Luke's Community Centre has a long history of supporting older people and bringing the community together. We recognise the hardship and isolation many older people face. Our aim is to connect them to useful services, promote health and well-being and encourage people to learn new skills.

The Centre is renowned for being safe and friendly, fun and vibrant, as well as offering the high quality and wide variety of services available. Older people (those over 55) living within our area of benefit can become a member for just £5! 

With over 1000+ registered over 55s members and on average 60+ members visiting each day we are an important part of the local community.

If you are aged over 55 and live within our area of benefit you can take out life membership of St Luke's for just £5. The benefits of membership and being part of a thriving older persons' community include:

1. Free use of the Community Centre's rooms and facilities specific to older people's services and activities.

2. Daily access to and contact with our professional over 55s' team.

3. Free or low-cost activity classes, special events and outings throughout the year arranged by our over 55s' team and members.

4. Subsidised daily lunches in our dining room.

5. For those with mobility problems, we can provide daily escorted transport to and from home when there is availability.  

6. Being kept up-to-date with what is happening through our newsletters and free annual calendar.

Use of the Centre by non-members:

Older people who live outside the area of benefit, and guests of members, can also enjoy many of our services and activities but may be asked to pay a small daily supplement so that we stick to our charitable purpose. Priority will always be given to local people if space is limited.